Anonymous asked:
Do you have a snapchat

Not a public one, sorry :c

thegiftofgak asked:
We haven't spoken in a while, so how are you? :p

I’m ok, you?

silencechoirs asked:
Do you have twitter or google plus?

I’m afraid not, sorryyy

madamabregoox3 asked:
Hi :) I hope your day is going great today!

Not too bad, you too :3

Anonymous asked:
HELLOO how are you? :3

I’m okie you?

oliismypimp asked:
Hey (:

Hey :)

shadowhunterinfight asked:
And u have extremely good music taste

Thanks c:

awesome-badass-cafeteria-sauce asked:
hi :) you're so cute! :P just wondered what would you say your favourite (yeah I'm from England too :P ) bands are? say your top 10 or whatever :P have a great day and stay awesome! :D xoxo

Top 10, that’s difficult hmm…

1. Anberlin
2. Celldweller
3. Asking Alexandria
4. Bring Me The Horizon
5. blessthefall
6. Get Scared
7. Ghost Town
8. Breathe Carolina
9. Crown The Empire
10. Memphis May Fire

That’s roughly my top 10 :)

fluffykittenorgasm asked:
Hello c:

Hey :)

Anonymous asked:
Hi c: I don't follow you but I've been watching your blog for a while and wanted to say that you seem like one of the most genuinely lovely and non judgmental people I've ever come across on this website. I wanted to congratulate you on that. I also wanted to tell you that I have a catastrophic tumblr crush on you. Like wow hot damn son. That's all and I hope you have a wonderful evening c: x

Thank you :) I try to be as nice as possible cause I’m not a dick and I certainly don’t wanna come across as one :) also thanks for thinking that ;D stay awesome!

--mychemicalromance-- asked:
How has your day been? c:

Boring as hell xD you?

bekah-1999 asked:
You are super cute and I hope you have a good day <3

Thank you :3 you too

turquoiseload asked:
thought I would never send an ask like this but god damn you're pretty

Well I’m glad you did, thank you very much c:

thatssocats asked:
^~^ I feel special, you made my day love!

That’s good to hear ^.^

fuckyeahfoodninja asked:
I've had a pretty chill day, didn't really do much. Have you done anything exciting this summer?!

Awesome xD not much just drinking, listening to music, singing and shenanigans