Anonymous asked:
what do you like in a girl? cx

Sweet, amazing personality, good music taste, similar interests and ofc I’ve gotta find them attractive

Anonymous asked:
marry me kthnxbai

Alas, I do not know you my friend

synthetic-misconception asked:
You like Ghost Town *-* You are my new best friend cx


vanityhaspoisonedme asked:
You cute :3

Aw thanks c:

yourbloodstainedsouls asked:
Hey :3

Hey ^.^

xdarkness-is-the-fairytalex asked:
Hey sugar :) this isnt an ask..however sir i feel you need great praise for having asking Alexandria lyrics as on of your sub headings !!!!!! major awesomeness points dear :D hahah x

Well I thank you my friend :)

Anonymous asked:
Sorry if this sounds creepy but what part of England are you from? I'm from the West Midlands :)


Anonymous asked:
If you could only have one memory what memory would it be? -❤️

My family

Anonymous asked:
You're amazing. Stay strong you are loved because there is no one else like you and that's perf. You're beautifully and uniquely you. -❤️

Aw :3 thank you so much


Scandroid - Empty Streets

Digital dreams thrive in the moonlight
I’m only flesh, circuit, and bone
I walk these empty streets alone

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NEW MUSIC: Motionless In White - “Puppets 3 (The Grand Finale)”

Anonymous asked:
Do you have a snapchat

Not a public one, sorry :c

thegiftofgak asked:
We haven't spoken in a while, so how are you? :p

I’m ok, you?

silencechoirs asked:
Do you have twitter or google plus?

I’m afraid not, sorryyy