Anonymous asked:

Aw ;p thank you :3

copinq asked:
Really want to travel to england, it seems like a such a beautiful country. Evidently, it also seems to have some pretty cute guys haha xx

It’s not overly spectacular xD but hey you may like it here who knows! And aha aw thanks

lasolady asked:
Heya :) Ugh, I haven't been on tumblr for a while (yey, school .-.), so I just found out you're willing bto be more active! Welcome back *kisses you on the cheek* How do you feel about Scotland wanting to be independent?

Hey :) thank you I shall try to be active!
As for independence, I’m not Scottish so I don’t have much of an opinion on it, but it might just be more hassle than it’s worth, so idm either way

Anonymous asked:
What physical traits do like girls to have?

Preferably alternative like me but not over the top, cute, and preferably skinny (not being offensive, It’s just what I’m more attracted to :))
Besides the physical traits, if they make me happy through their personality that’s a massive bonus

starlightsavior asked:
Marry me?

I’m married to my socks :o

horror-junkie asked:
So lifes been hard on me too, but you're cute k?

aw thanks

bring-me-the-neighbourhood asked:
Let's be friiiiiiends c: You're amazing.

hey friend ^.^

Anonymous asked:
You are such a beautiful person (not just physically) i wish we could be friends

aw thanks, friend :)

smells-like-quotev-spirit asked:
You has nice face 👍👍👍

thank chuu

sah-rahxx asked:
Hey only just started following you but you have an awesome blog btw where did you go to get your lip pierced 😄

place near me, never going there again though wasn’t very nice

its-iloverockandrollsummernights asked:
Yeyy you like the same bands as meh! ^"^


thatsillylittledreamer asked:

Hey c;

Anonymous asked:
Where abouts in England are you from?x

South :)

h3y-lady asked:
if you're reading this we're now married okay love you ahaha sorry you're attractive as asdfghjkl; (/).(\)

what if I read it upside down? :P

and thanks a lot :)

Anonymous asked:
Youngest you'd date? If they had an amazing personality and loved everything you did xo

17 :)