vinabugg asked:
I like your face :p

Thanks :)

cassiechaosxx asked:
Do you have a kik? Lol I didn't know what to ask

Not anymore xD

ib0ughty0umybullets asked:
Y do u smell But u r awesome 4 buying me alcohol :3

Cos I wear deodorant init yo, and fank u m8 ;)

Alright from now ‘Til 12 ask me questions and I’ll answer ^.^


Anonymous asked:
Okay so I found your link off of SK and I'm following you on here too. Is that creepy? o.o

What’s SK because I don’t think I have an account on that, can you give me a link? :)

jenn-i-fahh asked:
Just in case no one has told you today, you're like extremely attractive!

Thanks very much :3

iloveemoboys14 asked:
Are u gay or straight.


duchessgummybunns asked:
Oh hello thank you for following me back! I am now happy :D

You’re welcome :)